Mrs. Neto’s

Grade 2 News

                                                      November 2018


November is now upon us and with it comes the cold weather. As the children spend two 20 minute recesses outside, it’s important that they come dressed appropriately, i.e. boots, hats, mittens etc. A piece of masking tape inside a hat or mitten with your child’s name on it might help prevent lost items.


 Language Arts

      Our spelling program is in full swing, and we are all proud of what great spellers we are becoming. Please ensure that your child practices his/her words each night. We also participate in guided reading and writing lessons in class every day. We read with our grade 5 reading buddies on Halloween day, and the children really enjoyed their time together.

 ** Please continue reading each and every night.


         We are now finishing up with our Number Sense unit and will be discussing Graphing next. The children have been learning: how to write numbers up to 200, count forwards and backwards by tens, represent numbers in different ways, learn how to count using base ten blocks, greater and less then sign and rounding to the nearest tenth. The children will be involved in generating questions and creating graphs based on the data they collect for our next unit.


         We will be wrapping up our unit on Simple Machines soon. The children have enjoyed learning and experimenting with various simple machines and exploring how they make life easier for us.

           Social Studies

         We have been learning about Thanksgiving and the history of Halloween. Next, we will be starting a unit on peace for Remembrance Day Celebrations.

         We will also begin a unit on Family and Community Traditions. We will compare some significant traditions and celebrations among diverse groups at different times of the year.  Students will investigate some of the past and present traditions and celebrations within their own family and community.

* Project Alert – children will be bringing home a Family Tree project to complete. A note will be sent home soon, thank you for your time and assistance with his project.


         We have been learning about All Saints Day. We are currently researching some facts about St.Teresa of Calcutta, by reading various books about her life. We will be writing a short biography on her life and answering the question –How is she an example of holiness?

 Upcoming …

  • Progress Reports will be going home on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018
  • 3-way conferences will be on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 15 and the day on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018.
  • November 16th is a P.A. Day designated for 3-way conferences
  • Our first class trip will be on Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018
  • Permission forms and payment are up on School-Day
  • Our class, along with Mrs. Dias' class will be leading the school Advent mass at Holy Martyrs of Japan Church on Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. - all are welcome to join us there


*For the entire month of November we are collecting food for the Bradford Food Bank. Please send any non-perishable foods to school with your child. 

*The children are excited to have collected a lot of Halloween candy! Please ensure that they pack a healthy morning lunch. I am encouraging them to only eat their treats for Second Nutrition Break.

* As cold and flu season is upon us – we are in need of some generous donations of tissue boxes to be shared in class. Thank you so much to all the families that have already sent some in.

 I look forward to celebrating your child’s achievements with you at the 3-way conferences. Please remember your child is to be present at the conference with you.

          Thank-you again for all your support,          

                                                                        Mrs. N. Neto