Mrs. Neto’s

Grade 2 News

January 2019

                                Dear Parents,

         Happy New Year everyone! Welcome back boys and girls! It is certainly nice to have all the children back, all happy and ready to have fun learning again. We have a few new plans to begin this year together that we’d like to share with you.


  Language Arts

This month we will be focusing on procedural writing, such as explaining the steps on how to build a snowman, and how to make a cup of hot chocolate.

 We are also beginning a new, weekly homework assignment – beginning on Jan. 14. Students will receive a Reading Response Folder on Monday. It will include a short reading, in a page protector, and a list of questions to be answered. Lined paper is provided to write their answers on.  Please do not write on the reading page, as I would like to reuse them for future classes. We have been practicing in class, how to write excellent, level 4, Grade 2 answers! Students should be able to complete this assignment independently – readings and questions have been assigned according to your child’s current reading level ability.
Reading Responses are due in class on Thursdays.

 *Our spelling unit will now consist of 15 words. 

 **Important notice**

  • capital letters
  • backwards letters
  • misformed letters

will be marked as incorrect. Students will be given a reminder before the test and after the test when we review the words.

Mathematics: Our unit is on 2 Dimensional Shapes

 We are having fun exploring and reviewing all 2 dimensional shapes. We are building pictures using patterning blocks, we are making polygons using elastics & geo-boards, and we will learn how to use Mira’s to find the line of symmetry in shapes.

Students will identify 2 dimensional shapes and will sort them by their properties (#sides and #vertices).

We will compose and decompose 2D shapes.

We will explore symmetry by paper folding and by experimenting with Mira’s.


Science: Our unit will be on the Properties of Liquids and Solids

Students will learn to describe the properties of solids (e.g., they maintain their shape and cannot be poured) and liquids (e.g., they take the shape of the container they are in and can be poured).

We will also be describing the characteristics of liquid water (e.g., it takes the shape of the container it is in) and solid water (e.g., ice floats), and identify the conditions that cause changes from one to the other (e.g., water turns to ice when the temperature goes below zero; ice turns to water when heated).

Next, we will identify conditions in which the states of liquids and solids remain constant (e.g., solids remain solid when broken; liquids remain liquid when poured) and conditions that can cause their states to change (e.g., liquids may freeze when the temperature drops; solids may melt when heated).


Social Studies: Christmas Around The World

 We are wrapping up our unit on Traditions with a group, poster presentation. Students have been assigned a group to work in and a country to present its Christmas traditions. Groups will begin working hard on researching information on their assigned country in class and will be presenting their poster boards to the rest of the class.


Religion: We will be learning about the life of Jesus, with a focus on his baptism and first miracle.

 Upcoming … 

  • Friday, February 1, 2019 is a P.A. Day
  • Please check our class calendar for more information


*The weather is very cold now and children are coming to school in hats, mittens, scarves and snow pants. There are many, many black and dark blue snowpants! Please label your child’s clothing to avoid mixed up and lost items.

 * Our class has its own lost and found bin in the hallway. If your child is missing any out door clothing please remind him/her to check our white bin.

 **Please be sure to check the school website for weather related bus & school cancellations: 

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all of the cards, good wishes, treats and generous gifts I received for the holidays. Your kindness was truly appreciated and was very thoughtful! All the best to you and your families this New Year, may it be a healthy, happy and safe one.                                                                                                                                            Mrs. N. Neto