St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School  
Mrs. Neto’s Grade Two
 September 2018 News


Dear Parents/Guardians,

  Welcome to a new school year! I hope that you and your family have enjoyed the summer.  It certainly flew by quickly.  We have three terms ahead of us filled with exciting units of study, learning experiences, field trips and school events - so many things to do and try to sharpen our interests and skills.

    My name is Mrs. Neto, and I will be your child’s teacher this year. I have been teaching for 19 years and have spent most of my time teaching Kindergarten and Grade One. I am very excited to be teaching Grade Two for the second time. I look forward to many exciting learning adventures with your child.

   This letter should answer a few of the frequently asked questions regarding the second grade program.  If you need to notify me of any special concerns for your child, please contact me at the school by phone: (778-0617) or by note.

  INDOOR SHOES: All students are required to have a pair of indoor shoes to be left at school. This helps to keep our classroom clean and ensures your child’s safety both in the classroom and in a fire drill.

  GYM DAYS: are Wednesdays and Thursdays

                        -  running shoes with soft, white or non-marking soles requested

                     - please send a note if your child has a medical reason for not participating

 PENCIL CASE OR BOX: Students will require their own pencil case or box to keep his/her personal writing tools. They are encouraged to bring his/her own crayons, pencils and erasers (preferably with their names labeled). Class supplies will be shared, but children often prefer to use their own things. Please ensure that your child has a variety of crayons and pencil crayons, as markers tend to bleed through our thin paper and students are not always allowed to use markers.

 LET’S READ & WRITE: Each day will begin with calendar and weather activities. Immediately after, we will begin our language activities.  The students will participate in silent, shared and guided reading and will be busy writing stories, reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction materials and performing comprehension activities. Throughout the week, we will also have a variety of mini lessons on phonics, grammar, printing, spelling and letter writing. Our spelling program will begin in two weeks time. Each Monday the students will be given a list of spelling words and will complete spelling exercises over the week in school and at home. On Fridays, the students will be given a test.  Children need to know not only how to spell each word, but also what they mean and how to use and spell them properly in their daily written work.

 BORROW-A-BOOK HOME PROGRAM: Every-day, your child will be asked to read at home and record any reading done in a reading log sheet. Classroom readers will be provided for students to choose from at their reading comfort level, this will begin mid- September. Sometimes a child has a book at home that he/she may like to read and record on their sheet, and they are encouraged to do so! Also, if your child has a special book at home that he/she is able to read independently, he/she is welcome to bring it to school and a special time will be made for him/her to read it aloud to their classmates.

 Reading is important to a successful future. Please help your child find a few quiet minutes each day to read or share a book with you.

 BACK TO BASICS: After first nutrition break, math lessons will be taught with the students following up with hands-on learning activities, pencil and paper tasks, creative thinking problems and three-dimensional construction to reinforce the lesson. The study of  Mathematics encompasses five fields: Number Sense and Numeration (addition, subtraction, ordinals, place value), Measurement (time, money, perimeter and area), Geometry (2and 3 dimensional shapes, transformations, symmetry), Patterning (ability to identify, create and extend patterns), Data Management and Probability (collecting, organizing and interpreting data, surveys, graphs, probability experiments). 

 SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES: will be taught alternately throughout the year. The first few weeks of school we will be taking the time to get used to class and school routines and expectations, as well as to get to know one another. Our focus will be   “All About Me!!”

 Grade 2 is both an exciting and challenging curriculum.  Many concepts are new to the students and I look forward to sharing in the excitement of learning with your child.  I hope that this year holds days of happiness, inquiry, pride and satisfaction for your child.  Please join with me in a partnership that will ensure success for your child, supporting the learning and celebrating the achievements. 

 Your child will be coming home with a school agenda. The cost of the agenda is $5.00. Payments are only accepted online through School Day, as I am not permitted to accept any cash or cheques. Your child will be using their agenda on a daily basis and it can be used as another form of communication between school and home. I will be checking them daily and initialing them. All homework will be recorded in the agenda.

 All payments for school trips and hot lunches are done online through School Day. Please do not send any money to school with your child.

 This will be my only newsletter I am sending home in paper form. As our photocopy numbers are limited, I have set up a class web page, that you can access from our school website. Each month, I will let you know what units we will be working on for the month and I will also include a class calendar for the month. Please login to - along the top bar please find Parents & Students - from the drop down menu that appears go to teacher websites and stop at Mrs. Neto (it will be the last one). You will then find a newsletter page and a calendar page.

 I will also be using Remind App to send out quick reminders and messages throughout the year. It is a free App on your Smart Phone, all you have to do is enter the number (705)995-2170 and text the message @nneto. You will be automatically entered into my roaster and will begin receiving my notifications. You can also email - this link includes my class code, so you will be able to join my class instantly.

 I am looking forward to meeting you at the annual St. Teresa of Calcutta Barbecue on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 from 5-7 pm.


                                                                                                    Mrs. N. Neto