Mrs. Neto’s Grade Two
June 2019 News

                   Dear Parents,

It has been an exciting year for the students and as it comes to an end, June will be no different. On June 17th, I will be collecting all home readers, and library books. Now that our students are hooked on reading, we hope that you continue reading at home throughout the summer months. Please visit the Bradford Public Library to continue to foster the love of reading!

                                     Language Arts

In class, we are focusing on spelling words correctly in our everyday writing. Students are being encouraged to slow down, and pay more attention to neatness and spelling.  Our last spelling test will be on Friday, June 14, 2019. Students are encouraged to use classroom resources, such as our word wall to help them spell sight words correctly. Our grammar unit continues with lessons on compound words, contractions and pronouns.


The grade twos have completed units on simple fractions; halves, thirds and fourths and probability. We are currently working on a time unit. Students are learning how to tell and write time to the quarter-hour, using digital and analogue clocks (e.g.,“My clock shows the time recess will start [10:00], and my friend’s clock shows the time recess will end [10:15].”) 


The grade two students continue to enjoy learning about living things, basic needs and life cycles. We continue to learn about the specific characteristics of each of the 6 classification groups, and about various animal adaptations used for survival. Thank you very much for supporting your child in researching for their animal project. The draft copies were really well done and I look forward to their good copies due on June 14, and their presentations week of June 17. In class, we are constructing animal habitat dioramas and plastercine sculptures of their research animals.

Social Studies

The grade two students continue to learn about Global Communities. We have learned about life in Brazil and Japan. Students have compared what life is like in those countries and have compared it to their own. The children will be comparing the similarties and differences of what schools and homes are like in various countries around the world.


Our focus in religion will be discussions on making good choices and the parts of the mass. 

       As mentioned in the letter that was sent home in May, we will be discussing our unit on Family Life.
In Family Life we will:

• meet the Brunelle family, who are expecting their third child.

• discover more about the development of babies before birth and especially about how

the baby breathes and receives nourishment in the uterus.

• learn about the importance of respect and care for the body, which is a gift from God.

*As the weather gets warmer, please remember to apply sunscreen to your child before school and send them with a hat. Please put their name on the inside of the hat. They have a way of disappearing!!! Also, please send extra drinks and a water bottle. Our school has water bottle refill stations.

*With the warm weather upon us, please dress the children according to our MTB appropriate dress guidelines that are in place for all students from kindergarten to grade 8.

  • Dress modestly with no undergarments showing
  • Full back tank tops with tight arm holes
  • No spaghetti straps
  • No muscle shirts
  • Shorts and skirts to mid-thigh
  • Proper foot wear: no flip flops            Thank you for your support,                               
  • Upcoming … 

June 7: P.A. Day

June 11: Class Trip to Scanlon Creek

June 16: Happy Father’s Day!!!

June 25th: Report Cards sent home

June 27th: Last day of class!

June 28: P.A. Day

                                                 Happy Father’s Day to all our Fabulous FATHERS!

Thank-you for all your support and cooperation, it made for a great year together. Have a SAFE and WONDERFUL SUMMER!! 

God bless you in the summer months ahead, Mrs. N. Neto

                                          A BIG SHOUT OUT To Our SUMMER BIRTHDAYS !!!!

Happy Birthday to ...

                                Rosalia July 17, Sebastian July 22 & Timothy August 16