St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School

  Mrs. Neto’s Grade Two 

    May 2019 News

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to turn the calendar to May. This upcoming week, will be Catholic Education Week. Our school has a few exciting events planned, and in the classroom, we will be reading a new book each day and discussing it’s theme (here are just a few..). Please check our classroom calendar for more events.



We will be participating in a Water/Social Justice Walk on Friday, May 10th at 11:30 a.m., and at 2 pm we will gather for a Living Rosary Assembly.


Language Arts

        In writing, the students have been working on learning the parts of a sentence. They have been learning what nouns, adjectives and verbs are in grammar. 

We continue to read and write stories. The students always enjoy writing in their journals about their home adventures and all the exciting events in their lives!

Reading Response activities and daily readers will continue to be sent home for the remainder of this month but will come to an end the second week into June.

The students are excited to be reading Robert Munsch story books and the questions help to check the depth of their understanding.

** At home, please continue to have your child read each day. This is the most critical part of a young learner’s “homework” and will impact all areas of their academic success.


The grade two students are now experts at skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 25’s! They will now use this knowledge to help them count money! Grade two students are expected to be able to – estimate, count, and represent (using the ¢ symbol) the value of a collection of coins with a maximum value of one dollar. They are also having fun exploring multiple ways to show a money amount.

Our next unit will be on fractions. We will determine, through investigation using concrete materials, the relationship between the number of fractional parts of a whole and the size of the fractional parts (e.g., a paper plate divided into fourths has larger parts than a paper plate divided into eighths). We will also regroup fractional parts into wholes, using concrete materials and compare fractions using concrete materials.


We will begin a new unit on Living Things. The grade two students will be investigating:

1. ways in which animals have an impact on society and the environment, and ways in which humans have an impact upon animals and the places where they live 

2. similarities and differences in the characteristics of various animals 
3. how animals grow and change and have distinct characteristics

Our year end trip to Scanlon Creek in June will provide our students with a lot of hands on experiences to enhance the learning for this unit.

Social Studies

We continue to learn about global communities in Africa, Brazil and Asia. We compare their similarities and differences to our Bradford community. We have been examining the different ways children learn and live in different communities and what their schools and homes look like.


Our focus in religion has been caring for God’s world and all things in it. 

We have been devoting our prayers to Mary and reciting the “Hail Mary” prayer daily in class.

Upcoming … 

    * MT’s Got Talent Final Show - May 9 @9:15 am 

    * Social Justice Walk - May 10 @11:30                           

  • May 12 – Happy Mother’s Day!
  • May 20 - Victoria Day Holiday
  • End of Year Trip - Details to follow ...

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 trip to Scanlon Creek (Bradford, Ontario)

Permission form & payment will be available online soon - School Days

* Please check our classroom calendar online on our school website

Happy Mother’s Day to all our marvelous MOTHERS!!

                                                               Mrs. N. Neto