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Our History~Our Story~The Musical - Information Regarding Costumes and Arrival Times for Shows
Published on Apr 20, 2018 15:08

Students are asked to bring their costumes to school next week (April 23-26) so that we know that they are here and ready for the shows the following week. 
Here is a reminder about what each class is supposed to wear:
Grade 1 and 1/2 - brightly coloured shirt and dark pants
Grade 2 - Nothing specific needed - a little dressy would be nice
Grade 2 / 3 - black top and pants (rest of costume will be provided)
Grade 3 - older clothes (possibly ripped) in natural colours-green, brown, black **A belt is also needed**
Grade 4 - robe and towel, sandals
Grade 4 / 5 - white top and dark pants
Grade 5 - old ragged clothes, no shoes
Grade 6 - colour as appropriate to the animal they are portraying
For the evening shows on Wednesday May 2nd and Thursday May 3rd the children need to be at school by 6:30 pm. They should go to the following classrooms.
Room 120 - grade 1 (Pereira) and 1 / 2 (Hughes)
Room 121 - grade 6 (Richardson)
Room 122 - grade 2 (Neto)
Room 123 - grade 3 (Theriault)
Room 124 - grade 2 / 3 (Abate Campbell)
Room 129 - grade 3 /4 and 4 (Pavone and Garagan)
Room 130 - grade 4 /5 (Gretes)
Room 131 - grade 5 (Viveiros)

All students are in the finale and will not be dismissed until the whole show is over.
For the safety of your children, following the show, ONE MEMBER OF EACH FAMILY should go to pick up each child.  All other family members need to wait in the foyer or gym. This will cut down on the confusion and no child will get lost in the shuffle.
If you are not attending a show that you child is in, we will let you know by e-blast (on May 1) at what time the show will be over so that you can come to pick them up.
No students will be dismissed without someone to pick them up.