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2019 Chocolate Fundraiser - Friday February 15 - Friday March 1, 2019
Published on Feb 14, 2019 22:02

Tomorrow we will be kicking off our 2019 Chocolate Fundraiser.  Students will receive a carrier case of Laura Secord chocolate.  Each case is valued at $90.00.  For each case sold, we will receive 43.5% of the sales; that's $39.15/case profit to the school.  If each family sold one case, that's a profit of $9,396.00 for the school.  But you don't have to stop at one case.  Want to sell more, that's not a problem.  Please send the monies for the case sold and a note, indicating if you would like more.  
Don't forget about the prizes - Fallsview Waterpark stay, movie nights and daily prizes for the leisure centre.  
On behalf of the School Council and the staff at St. Teresa of Calcutta, we appreciate your continued support.

                              Chocolate Fundraiser