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MTB Walk for Water - Friday May 10, 2019
Published on May 6, 2019 15:32

Did you know that:

  • more than 840 million people do not have basic drinking water
  • that more than 260 million people, mostly young girls, have the daily task of collecting water from distant sources (over 6 km each way) - this means they are not in school
  • poor sanitation and contaminated water can lead to diseases like cholera, hepatitis A and typhoid
With clean water families are able to send their daughters to school, grow their crops and improve their personal health.

On Friday May 10, 2019 St. Teresa of Calcutta will take part in the WE Walk for Water to raise monies to provide families with clean water.  Each $25.00 raised will provide one person with clean water for LIFE.   Each dollar raised with be matched by corporate donors.

Thank you for your continued support.

walk for water