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Week 4 -- Parent Bulletin (2019/20)
Published on Sep 29, 2019 20:45

Hello Everyone,

The month of September has come and gone, and our students are busy working hard and following classroom and school routines nicely.  Friendships are being developed in all the classes and its nice to see students engaged in their learning. Now we say hello to the month of October, which will bring many new and exciting learning experiences along with the cool and crisp days.

In 2013, the annual Orange Shirt Day campaign began after Phyllis Webstad shared her story at a reunion with other survivors.  Today, the students at St. Teresa of Calcutta School are showing their support for Phyllis and the residential school survivors by wearing orange.  Phyllis was a young girl who was not allowed to wear her orange shirt, so we wear ours today to show that EVERY CHILD MATTERS.

Last Week Recap:

Father Joshua and Ray Ritezel from Holy Martyrs of Japan Church stopped by to speak to our Gr. 6-8 students about the Edge Program.  EDGE is a fun, exciting and free program that offers youth the opportunity to grow in faith and fellowship with other youth and peer leaders. Hope to see you there on Mondays 7:00 - 8:30 Parish Hall.


What a great BBQ night.  Our parent council out did themselves.  A ‘BIG’ Thank you to all our council members for all your hard work in making our BBQ a huge success.  Thank you to Ms. Pike for organizing our student volunteers and to all our staff for being part of such a great day.  

Thank you to the following food trucks who helped make our Open House Night a huge success.


Kona Ice

Beavertails Truck

Gino’s Pizza

Glad I ate There Truck

Candy Shop 

Battlefield Equipment

High School volunteers

MTB student volunteers

Our students will be practicing a Lockdown drill.  Officer Elisabeth will be in to speak to our Kindergarten students about what a lockdown is and how to behave during the drill.  Thank you Officer Elisabeth!

Upcoming Events:

  • September 30th, --- First Edge Program @ HMJ - 7:00 pm

  • September 30th, -- Orange Shirt Day -- Every Child Matters

  • October 2nd --- Walk n’ Wheel Wednesday

  • October 8th, Intermediate Boys Soccer (Oct. 10th Rain Date) --- Mel Mitchell

  • October 9th, Intermediate Girls Soccer (Oct. 11th Rain Date) --- Mel Mitchell

  • October 14th, Thanksgiving Day (No School) 

  • October 14th, Thanksgiving (No School)

  • October 15th, Junior Boys Soccer --- Mel Mitchell

  • October 16th, Junior Girls Soccer --- Mel Mitchell

  • October 16th, Bus Presentation K-Gr.3 @ 12:30 - 1:00 and Gr. 4-8 @ 2:00 - 2:30

  • October 21st, PA DAY

Looking forward to another great week!

Mrs. Newman


God of every people and nation,
who cherishes each of your children
in their uniqueness, goodness and beauty:

we ask your blessing and your comfort today
for all those whose hearts are aching, and whose families are broken,
because of the tragic events that took place in Canada’s residential schools.

Hold close to your heart those who died far too young,
and console those who must still grapple
with other types of emotional and cultural loss.

Give us courage and wisdom to build a different and better future,
and show us the path toward healing and hope.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Healer and our Friend.