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Kindness Week 2019
Published on Nov 17, 2019 17:53

Hello MTB Families,

November 18 - 22nd is the beginning of Kindness Week.   Pope Francis tells us that "God shows his love, not with great speeches, but with simple, tender acts of charity".  With this teaching in mind, and as a responsible citizen, students and staff are called to promote, peace, justice and the sacredness of human life through acts of kindness

Let's have some fun this week by participating in the following spirit days.  Staff and students are encouraged to participate in the following:
Monday : Kick off kindness week with Heroes Unit Magic Show  - Let's unite and be kind always
Tuesday: Wear two different socks: Think about what it's like to walk in another persons socks.
Wednesday: Wear your favourite colour, why not wear three colours or just pink.  Feel free to wear any colour you want.
Thursday: Wear your shirt backwards: To always remember to never turn your back on a Friend.
Friday:  Dress like a superhero to celebrate that we can all be heroes when we stand up for ourselves and our friends and say that we want to spread kindness everywhere.
Thank you to everyone for your support and participation next week.
Mrs. Newman