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Parent Memo - March 22nd - March 26th, 2020
Published on Mar 22, 2020 20:25

     St. Teresa of Calcutta CatholicSchool  

Weekly Bulletin

March 22nd - March 26th, 2020   

Good afternoon,


The situation around COVID-19 is evolving quickly.  As you may be aware, the World Health Organization has declared the situation a pandemic.  In the last couple of days the Minister of Education - Stephen Lecce has announced a “Learn at Home” program for parents to access and homeschool their children.  On Tuesday, Mr. Beal will be holding a teleconference with all PVP’s,  SO’s and Managers. As information is shared with me, I will do my part and communicate this information to each of you.  


These next few weeks will be difficult to navigate so I ask each of you to help slow the curve and try to social distance yourself as much as possible.  Let's remember to keep supporting one another and to stay calm. We will get through this MTB!


So, please join in participating in our spirit days next week.  Show your support and send pics to our twitter handle @MTB_SMCDSB.  We need to remind our children that this too shall pass and we will be there to support one another. 

I will continue to keep all of the staff, students and families in my prayers.  May each of you find time to pray and continue to be kind to one another. If you need any assistance or help, please do not hesitate in contacting me at

Mrs. Newman

Jesus, our brother and our friend,
The sickness in our world right now can make us worried and afraid.

Help us to remember that you are always there beside us,
giving us peace and comfort,
reminding us of your love and care for us.

We ask you to look after all those who are sick right now,
and those who are caring for them.

Hear our prayers for them, and for all our world.
Help us to remember that we are brothers and sisters,
and that you are the greatest Healer of all.

Praise to you, Jesus, our Comforter, our Healer and our Lord,
now and forever. Amen.


Monday March 22nd, 2020

We missed celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, so wear green everything!!! Take a picture and tag it to @MTB_SMCDSB twitter

Tuesday  March 23rd,  2020            

Who’s your favourite sports team?  Put on your favourite team's jersey/t-shirt. Don’t forget to send pictures it to @MTB_SMCDSB twitter

Wednesday  March 24th, 2020    

MTB Spirit Day …. Wear your spirit wear or blue and white.  Don’t forget to send pictures to @MTB_SMCDSB twitter

Thursday  March 25th,  2020  

Wear purple to support Epilepsy! Don’t forget to send pictures to @MTB_SMCDSB twitter

Friday  March 26th, 2020  

Draw a picture of what “SPRING” looks like to you.