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April 6th, 2020 Memo
Published on Apr 6, 2020 09:17

April  6, 2020 


Dear Families, 

I hope this message finds you well and healthy.

This week we enter into the Learn @ Home Program led  by our dedicated staff.  Over the past two weeks all staff have been hard at work learning a new medium through which to deliver content and attempting to adapt dynamic face-to-face lessons to fit the screen.   The learning opportunities will look different for each grade and stage of the learner. What is the same for all of our students and staff is that we must all give ourselves permission to take it slowly as we work through a brand-new style of teaching and learning.  As this first week unfolds, it will become more clear to all of our students and families what learning can look like in the digital form.

As this week is Holy Week, students will not be asked to “log hours” on Holy Friday of this week, or Easter Monday of next week.  Please take time to be with each other and celebrate the miracle of the risen Lord! You are encouraged to review the Faith Matters Newsletter for ways you can pray  and celebrate together.

As  with any new system, we will need patience and allow for bumps in the road.   We will work together to ensure our students have opportunities to learn and grow.  Know that your child’s teacher is still only a phone-call away. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office at 905-778-0617 and leave a detailed message.  Mrs. Ng is checking voicemails remotely twice a day and will pass along any message. Please allow 24-48 hours for a return call. (Voice messages will not be picked up on Good Friday or Easter Monday.)

If you  receive a phone call from  a “blocked number” this may be a staff member calling.  I ask that you please answer the phone, or check any and all  voicemail as soon as possible. If staff are calling they will leave a specific voicemail outlining the next date  and time they will be calling in the hopes that you will be able to answer and connect directly with him/her. 

The mental and physical health and wellbeing of our students and their families is our number one priority.  We understand that each family is working as hard as they can through these challenging times. When it comes to the Learn @ Home Program, do what you can, when  you can - nothing more.   If you are experiencing struggles, please reach out, we are here  to help.

Stay safe.

Mrs. Newman




From: Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education

Grade Range

K-Grade 3

·   5 hours of work per student per week

·   Focus: Literacy and math

Grades 4-6

·   5 hours of work per student per week

·   Focus: Literacy and math + science and social studies

Grades 7-8

·   10 hours of work per student per week

·   Focus: Core math, literacy, science and social studies

Grades 9-12

·   3 hours of work per course per week for semestered students; 1.5 hours of work per course per week for non-semestered students

·   Focus: Achieving credits/completion/graduation

Hours refer to the approximate amount of time students would spend on the work assigned by teachers.  Teacher work would include preparation of assigned work and providing feedback or assessment.  Teacher engagement with students is expected but would vary depending on circumstances and could include a range of ways that teachers would connect with their students.


Teacher teams, including specialist teachers, may be used to develop assigned work for students, including in subjects such as art, music, French as a Second Language and Physical Activity, and to contribute to board identified resources for learning at home.


Students with special education needs should receive appropriate accommodations where necessary and be provided with assigned work by teachers, as well as feedback or assessment.  Modifications to reflect a student’s IPRC and IEP are encouraged and expected.


Connect With Us Through Twitter

We  invite all of our families to follow us on Twitter @SMCDSB_MTB   




We love seeing the smiling faces of our students and their families,  thank you to everyone who has been able to connect!



SMCDSB Learn At Home Resources

Visit and click “Learn At Home Resources”.  



Then scroll down  and click K to Grade 8 Activities to access learning supports and opportunities.  Please note these suggestions are to encourage developing lifelong learning skills and are not intended to replace classroom learning during this school closure.