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Careful to obey "Rules of the Road"
Published on Oct 26, 2016 15:40

We need the help of all our parents to help keep our children safe.  We are experiencing difficulty at the end of the day with students not walking on the sidewalk-----crossing the street in the middle of the road---not following safe procedures.  Please know that the routines you establish with your son/daughter, are the routines that they will follow when you are no longer walking them to and from school.  Please be sure to teach them road safety----walking on a sidewalk, not through the parking lot---crossing with the crossing guard, not in the middle of the street. Young children need to walk beside the adult---not more than an arms length away. We need to work together to be certain that all children stay safe.  When you are picking up your son/daughter, please be aware of all children that are trying to get home safely.