Mrs. Neto’s Grade Two

                                                            March 2018 News

               Dear Parents,

Hopefully, snowsuit weather is almost over. During the month of March, we will be preparing ourselves for the season of Lent by reading the stations of the cross and discussing stories of Jesus’ life.


                Language Arts

       In grammar, we have been working on capital letters and proper punctuation (. ! ? ) at the end of sentences. The students are perceptive when correcting sentences that do not begin with a capital letter or end with the proper punctuation. Yet, when they write their own sentences, they continue to omit the capitals and periods.

Continue with your great work in your Reading Responses. I look forward to reading them each week. Please remember to answer all questions in complete and detailed sentences.


We have finished our addition and subtraction unit. The students are experts at solving complex equations now and they know many different strategies to help them figure out the answers. They are also very good at answering word problems, by finding key words to determine wether to add or subtract, and answering questions using numbers, pictures and words.

Our next math unit will be on measuring. The students will have fun measuring items from around the classroom. Children will learn to choose personal benchmarks for measuring a centimeter (width of pinky finger) and a meter (both arms stretched out). We will be estimating and measuring the length, height and distance using standard units (centimetre and metre) and non-standard units (snap cubes, straws and paperclips). We will measure and record the capacity/mass of objects using non-standard units, and compare and order a collection of objects. Finally, we will learn about area, and will investigate the size of an area and the number of units needed to cover the surface.

          We have started a new unit on Air and Water. Students are learning that air and water are a major part of the environment.

We will be investigating:

  • Living things need air and water to survive. 
  • Changes to air and water affect living things and the environment. 
  • Our actions affect the quality of air and water, and its ability to sustain life.

       Social Studies : not being taught at this time


       In preparation for Easter, we have discussed the significance of Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. We have discussed how adults tend to give things up for Lent to prepare their hearts for Easter, as children they are encouraged to display more acts of kindness and love to each other. We will continue to prepare our hearts for the Easter season by reading stories about Jesus’ life, his miracles and the events of Holy Week.

Thank-you to those who have returned the signed last page of the report card, as well as the envelope. If you haven’t done so already, please send them in as soon as possible. 

Lastly, I hope everyone has a SAFE and Fun-Filled March Break! (March 12-16)

I will see you back on Monday, March 19, 2018.

Think POSITIVE…      Think SPRING !!!                            Mrs. N. Neto