Mrs. Neto’s Grade One & Two

    December 2019 News

It’s Advent – that special time for planning and getting ready for the birthday of Jesus. During this special time in the classroom we will be working on the concepts of love and kindness. Throughout December we will be discussing our themes of Advent and traditions.

The 3-Way conferences were a great success. The children were excited to share all their hard work with you. Thank-you for coming out to celebrate their achievements! All Grade One and Two students did a wonderful job with their Time Lines and Family Tree assignments and presentations. Thank you very much for your assistance with these projects.


Language Arts

We will be engaging in holiday fun by celebrating 12 Days Until Christmas with a new theme each day to keep the children excited. Each day a new Christmas storybook will be introduced with many fun activities to go along with it. This will keep us engaged in fun learning right up until the last bell rings for Christmas Break!

*Next week will be our final week for spelling, until we begin again after the break. After the Christmas break, our spelling unit will consist of 15 words in grade two and in grade one we will continue with 5 words.

**Please note: using uppercase letters inappropriately (only when printing names) on the spelling test - the word will be marked incorrect. Please discuss and review this grammar rule with your child when practicing their spelling words. 

-Weekly Grammar lessons will begin in the New Year

***I will be collecting and keeping all readers and Reading Log Folders on December 16. Our home reading program will resume again after the break. Thank you for your continued support.

We have been writing letters to Santa, notes of kindness to our classmates and Christmas stories together.


We have just wrapped up our unit on Graphing. We have been learning how to draw and count tally marks. Students have been engaged in conducting their own classroom surveys and drawing up their own bar graphs. We are also learning how to interpret the data on various graphs, and how to ask their own questions based on given data. For the remainder of the month, we will be learning about two dimensional shapes and figures. We will be exploring their names and characteristics.

We will be exploring 3D geometric solids in class. They will be learning about the characteristics of cubes, spheres, pyramids, cylinders, cones and rectangular prisms. We will also review all 2D figures such as circles, squares, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons and trapezoids.


Grade One: We are into our unit on Daily and Seasonal Cycles, and are learning about the characteristics of the four seasons. The students have been learning about how animals and people adapt to the changing seasons, we have discussed the terms; migration, hibernation and adaptation. We will continue exploring this unit until the Christmas Break.

Grade Two: Our next Science unit will be on Solids and Liquids which will begin after the Christmas Break.

Social Studies

Grade One: will begin a new unit in the New Year.

  Grade Two: We are engaged in learning about Christmas Traditions from around the world. Each week we learn about two different countries, and complete an activity to go along with our learning. We will learned about holiday traditions in Canada, Sweden, Israel, Mexico, Holland, Italy and Australia.


** Our class along with Mrs. Dias’ grade 5/6 class will be leading Mass on Friday,December 9,2019 at 9:30 am at Holy Martyrs Church.

We have been listening to Advent passages from the bible. Students will learn that Advent is the season of waiting for Jesus, and Christmas is the celebration of his birth. We will be participating in the rituals of lighting the Advent candles and discussing the significance of each one and its colour. Students have celebrated The Visitation and The Annunciation so far. This week we will begin learning about The Jessie Tree.

Upcoming … * Please check out our Classroom Calendar for more events

  • Our school’s Advent Mass will be on December 9, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. at Holy Martyrs Church.
  • Polar Express Movie & PJ Day on Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019
  • Christmas Concert - Wednesday, Dec. 18 @ 11:30 am in the gym - our class will be singing a French Christmas song on stage
  • Christmas Holidays will be from December 23-January 3. Classes will resume on Monday, January 6, 2020.


*The weather is getting colder and children are coming to school in hats, mittens, scarves and snow pants. Please label your child’s clothing to avoid mixed up and lost items.

*On December 20, the children will be sent home with their indoor shoes. Over the holidays please check the fit of your child’s classroom shoes before returning them in the New Year.

Best wishes for a Healthy, Safe & Peaceful Christmas!               Mrs. N. Neto