Mrs. Neto’s

Grade 1 & 2 News

October 2020


The month of September has come and gone and we’ve survived one of the busiest times of the year. The students are settling in nicely to their new surroundings, and are adapting to classroom routines and safety rules.

 Thank you to all the parents who have joined our Google Classroom.

 I would also like to thank all those who donated to the Terry Fox Run. Our class raised a lot of money for cancer research. Our school has raised $2000.00!! The children had a great time learning about the story of Terry Fox and wrote wonderful biographies on his life.

 School Agendas are now being sold for $6.00 on School Day. This is a great tool for home & school communication, and for writing their weekly spelling list in.


         Language Arts

Our home reading program is in full swing. Please remind your child to read daily. Students are being encouraged to spell words phonetically when they write. They are also learning to use our classroom word walls to help locate the correct spelling of high frequency words and seasonal words. Our spelling program has also started. Please have your child review their spelling words at home. They are located on our Google Classroom page and in your child’s agenda (soon!). We will have our spelling tests on Fridays.


Grade One

This month we will begin reviewing a variety of number concepts up to 50. We will be using 5 and 10 frame mats to visually see numbers and will be learning to read and write number words to ten. We will also be estimating and counting a variety of objects up to 50.

 Grade Two

We have now started a new math unit on numbers and place value. Students will be learning to compose and decompose numbers up to 100 using base ten blocks, hundred charts and ten frames. They will learn different ways to represent two digit numbers using base ten blocks. Students will also compare and order numbers to 100 using hundreds charts. 


Grade One

We have been learning about the four seasons. We are able to identify many characteristics of each season and have discussed how humans and animals adapt to the weather changes.

Grade Two

We will begin our first Science unit on Simple machines after Thanksgiving. Students will be learning about simple machines and how they make work easier. We will learn to identify examples of simple machines in our everyday lives. 

Social Studies

Grade One

We have been learning and discussing our classroom and school rules and responsibilities. Added on to this have been our Covid-19 safety rules for our classroom. We continue to talk and learn about special people in our lives and special places we have visited.

Grade Two

We have also been learning about the rules and responsibilities of being at school and how they compare to our rules and responsibilities at home. We have been discussing the importance of family and how all families are special and unique.


         We have been talking about how special God created us all and learning different ways we can fill each other’s buckets. We have been building a classroom environment where everyone can be free to try new things, make mistakes and learn. Thank you for your assistance with completing their “Name Homework”. The students were able to complete a short book on how special their names are.

         Upcoming….        During the month of October our themes will be Thanksgiving, and Halloween.


  • Monday, October 12, 2020 is Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday, October 30, 2020 is School Halloween “Dress up Day!”

                                                    Birthday Shout Outs Go To …

                                        *Happy Birthday to Gabriella for September 20

                                        *Happy Birthday to Grace on October 11

 At this time of year as we reflect upon our good fortunes, I thank you for sharing your child with me. We have certainly gotten the year off to a terrific start. I’m sure the enthusiasm for learning will continue to grow throughout the school year. I hope each family enjoys a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration of God’s love. Please continue to stay healthy and safe.

                                                                                                                                Sincerely, Mrs. Neto