Mrs. Neto’s Grade Two

April 2019 News

                         Dear Parents,

It is certainly nice to see a bit of sunshine. The students are buzzing with spring fever and are thrilled to be able to play with soccer balls and skipping ropes.  This is an exciting month as the children begin to celebrate their First Communions!


Language Arts

In class, the students continue to work hard on writing stories, recounts and letters. We continue with our Daily Language exercises, spelling and grammar lessons on a daily basis.

Reading Response entries are completed well and continue to be due in class each Thursday. Thank you for your help and encouragement to ensure your child reads each night.


The grade two students will now be skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 25’s! Students will be counting forwards by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 25’s to 200, using number lines and hundreds charts, starting from multiples of 1, 2, 5, and 10 (e.g., count by 5’s from 15; count by 25’s from 125). We will also be counting backwards by 1’s from 50 and any number less than 50, and count backwards by 10’s from 100 and any number less than 100, using number lines and hundreds charts.

Students will also identify and describe, through investigation, growing patterns and shrinking patterns generated by the repeated addition or subtraction of 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 25’s on a number line and on a hundreds chart.

Towards the end of the month, they will use this knowledge to help them count money! Grade two students are expected to be able to – estimate, count, and represent (using the ¢ symbol) the value of a collection of coins with a maximum value of one dollar. 


We are finishing our unit on Air and Water in the Environment. The students are having fun observing their Water Cycle window experiments each day. Our next unit will be on Growth and Changes in Animals in the month of May/June.

Social Studies: 

Our new unit of study is on GLOBAL COMMUNITIES. 

Students will describe some similarities and differences in the ways in which people in two or more communities in different parts of the world meet their needs and have adapted to the location, climate, and physical features of their regions. Students will compare selected communities from around the world, including their own community, in terms of the

lifestyles of people in those communities and some ways in which the people meet their needs.  


During this Lenten season we are reminded of how important it is to continue to share our prayers on a daily basis. The children are learning about Holy Week and the Easter story (last supper, Jesus’ death and resurrection).  We are also discussing the importance of doing good deeds and making others smile as we prepare to welcome Jesus back into our hearts.

We continue to discuss the significance and importance of the Eucharist, as we work together through a booklet titled: Called to His Supper - a preparation for First Holy Communion. 

God Bless and Congratulations to all our students as they begin to celebrate their First Holy Communion.

Upcoming …                                

  • Wed. April 17 - Classroom Talent Show Performances
  • Friday, April 19 - Good Friday
  • Monday, April 22 - Easter Monday
  • Friday, April 26 - Spring Talent Show Primary Divison


  • Please ensure that your child has an adequate supply of crayons or pencil crayons – I do not encourage sharing these as it becomes very time consuming. Most students need a refill of crayons and pencil crayons at this time. Please ask your child.

   Thank-you   &    Happy Easter!!                  Mrs. N. Neto