Mrs. Viveiros

Welcome to Mrs. V's Grade 6 class' homework page!  Here you will find daily homework, our class calendar, reminders and other important information. Stay tuned!

These are our classroom rules:

1.     I will enter the classroom in an appropriate manner.

2.    I will have the materials I need to do my work.

3.    I will listen attentively for instructions.

4.    I will get my materials out quickly and quietly.

5.    I will stay on task for prolonged periods of time,

6.    I will ensure that my conversations are respectful and relevant to the task at hand.

7.    I will move around the room purposefully.

8.    I will make an effort to help my peers in a productive way.

9.    I will avoid long distance conversations.

10.  I will avoid hurting other people's feelings.

11.   I will ask permission to leave the classroom.

12.  I will make positive contributions to my class and my school.

13.  I will make SAFE, SMART and SENSITIVE decisions.

14.  I will respect the property of others, including materials and technology I borrow from my teacher and my school.

15. I will accept responsibility for my actions if I violate the conditions of this contract, which has been designed in my best interests.

Each week, I will be keeping track of the students' ability to follow the classroom rules.  Once a student has received 3 warnings for a particular behaviour (for example:  being off-task), I will contact their parent(s)/guardian(s), either in writing or through a phone call. The student will also be part of this communication process, in order to work with myself and his/her parents in setting goals to avoid this type of behaviour.  Repeated incidences may necessitate a meeting with the student, the parents and myself to create a plan of action to help the student succeed in our classroom.