St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School

110 Northgate Drive

Bradford, Ontario L3Z 3A9

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome to a new school year!  My name is Mrs. Richardson and I am the Grade 6 teacher at St.Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School. We are experiencing a period in our history that has many unprecedented firsts. As we move forward together as a school community, the key to our success is cooperation, collaboration, understanding and patience. Please know that the safety of everyone is our top priority. We are working hard to safely welcome your child(ren) back into the building and to a beginning a rewarding and enjoyable school year for all!

This year, our school will continue using a Balanced Day schedule.  There will be two nutritional breaks in the day.  Please be sure to pack enough food and beverages for both nutritional-breaks.  Also, please ensure that snacks are healthy in order to properly fuel your child’s mind and body throughout the day.


Important Days

Weekly Event

Day of Week

Music/Drama/ Dance

Tues., Thurs., & B-Fridays


Mondays & Thursdays


Mond., Wedn., & A-Fridays

  • Please note that these days are tentative and may change 

Constant communication is paramount for your son or daughter. For this reason I have created a Mrs. R. Grade 6 Google Classroom for students to find and submit assignments.  Students are required to use Google Classroom on a daily basis to help them with homework completion and time management skills.  Parents are also encouraged to take advantage of the Google classroom to support their children.  In addition to Google classroom, homework is assigned and discussed daily, as well as posted on the backboard in the classroom.  Students are provided with time to enter their homework into their ‘logging notebooks’ each afternoon.  

The intention of the Google Classroom is not to replace the ‘logging notebooks’, but to compliment it and give you another avenue for remaining up-to-date on the current events within our classroom. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please include these in your son/daughter’s ‘logging notebooks’. St. Teresa of Calcutta is also on the Net!  You can find the school’s website at:

St. Teresa of Calcutta communicates with our parent community through School-Day.

Studies indicate that regular homework improves academic performance.  Expect your son/daughter to have between 45 to 60 minutes of homework each night.   It is very important for students to develop good study and work habits at home.  If your child has completed all of the day's assignments, time can be spent reviewing work, organizing notes or reading.  

We are aware that in certain situations specific tasks or assignments can not be completed due to events beyond the control of the parents/guardians and students.  In these particular cases, a note from a parent would suffice.

Goal setting and following expectations is an important part of life.  We do this so that we can function in society knowing acceptable and efficient ways people do things, and to challenge ourselves to be the best that we can be.  We have a Rights and Responsibilities sheet and Expectation and Behaviour Plan that we go over with the students on the third day and have them sign, as guidelines to follow to help keep them on track.

Assignments, quizzes, tests, and rubrics will be sent home for you to sign on a regular basis.  Please go through these materials with your child, sign them, and return them with your child.  

Students are expected to have reading materials  with them always as time will be set aside each day for independent reading.  They also read at home each evening and complete their ‘Weekly Reading Log’.  Their reading progress will be monitored regularly.

It is your child's responsibility to ensure that all working tools and texts are at school and in working order at all times.  The following is a list of materials that will help your child to be organized and experience success.

•  pencils and pens (standard black, blue & red-NO other coloured inks)

•  pencil sharpener 

•  calculator (basic)

•  pencil crayons, markers

•  glue stick

•  scissors

•  a highlighter
•  geometry set (protractor, ruler, compass) for end of November
•  a pack of Kleenex to keep at their desks. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the school.  Our phone number is (905) 778-8653.  I look forward to teaching your child, and seeing you in the future.


Your Partner in Catholic Education,

Mrs. S. Richardson 

Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board


Please fill in this section (your child has a copy of it)  and return it with your child by Friday, September 18, 2020, to let me know that you have seen the information package that contains the introduction letter,  the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities sheet, and the Behaviour Contract form.  


Student's Name:  _______________________


Parent's Signature:  _____________________      Date:  ____________